Community gardens featuring perennial plants are a great way to grow local food with less maintenance.  Empty lots like the one here can be transformed into vibrant living ecosystems that bring nature back into our towns.





We all know what happens when you leave a yard to nature... it thrives! But it's usually not pleasant to look at.But what happens when you work with nature?If we understand our surroundings and the way things grow, we can encourage that same abundant growth with things that delight the eye (and our mouths!)We can let nature do most of the work. And what kid will want to litter, when he's allowed to tend the land?



"When you get up in the morning and the dew is on the ground, put on your woolly bathrobe and your fuzzy slippers. Then walk outside to cut some chives and other herbs for your omelet. When you get back inside, if your slippers are wet, your herbs are too far away."    -Bill Mollison

Herbs in from the supermarket might enhance a meal, but herbs from your garden make it. Herbs grow easily, can replace vitamins and medicine, and boost aesthetics of any garden.



"I used to like the forsythia and the honeysuckle...It just got way out of control."

"The lawn was great when the kids were growing up. I used to love the wiffle ball games all summer long. Now I fertilize and water it, just so I can cut it all down once a week!"

Things change. Kids grow up. And sometimes your neighbor's woodlot swallows up part of your property. Whatever the case, our design team will work with your unique goals and constraints to create your own personal Eden.