To aid our communities in providing for all their basic needs, while improving the planet for future generations.



To make stewardship of the planet so customary an alternative is inconceivable.


At first thought, a term like permaculture sounds like a complicated concept, but really it is quite an easy idea to grasp.  Essentially, it refers to mimicking natural ecosystems in landscape and garden designs to ensure that the plants and other natural features all work together to serve valuable ecological functions and benefit each other.  Through these symbiotic relationships, we go beyond traditional do-no-harm conceptions of sustainability to actually regenerate local ecosystems, local communities, and the lives of the people that we do business with.  We seek to develop community resilience in terms of increased localized food production, and keeping money and resources within communities rather than scattering them throughout the world.  

At Feed the Burbs, we are committed to using the principles of permaculture to work with the individual interests, constraints, and needs of clients, which includes residential clients, as well as businesses and municipalities, to design and install a custom low maintenance beautiful landscape on their property.  While our primary focus is to give clients an opportunity to grow food, we also design landscapes simply to look nice or maintain themselves. 

Our design process first involves understanding how a client uses their land, what they want to do with their land in the future, their preferences for types of food or plants they want to grow, and determining how involved they want to be with their garden/landscape design.  Next we survey the site to determine how the existing natural environment will influence the design, including such features as available sunlight, availability of water (particularly if there is too much or too little), site topography, soil conditions, other existing plants, and whatever other unique features will impact the design.  We will then match your interests and preferences to the natural constraints of the site to develop your custom high efficiency, low maintenance garden/landscape design. 

Following the consultation and design phase, we will install your custom landscape/garden using the highest quality organic seeds and plants to give you the most nutritious, best tasting, and ecologically beneficial fruits, vegetables, flowers, bushes, berries, vines, trees, and herbs around.  Following installation, we will stay as involved with clients as they want, with the option of showing them how to harvest and cook with the food they have grown, and how to take care of their garden/landscape, to ensure that it stays as healthy and productive as possible.  We hope that you will consider consulting with us and giving us an opportunity to facilitate your sustainability through a custom low-maintenance garden or landscape design at your home, business, or in your municipality.