Landscaping and Permaculture Consultancy

  • Site Visit
  • Client’s Brief Assessment
  • Recommended Suggestions for the Assessment
  • Supply Access to Information Technology, equipment and contacts, with initial sketches and basic illustrations of the potential design, with an offer of the complete design plans and full report for implementation, maintenance and establishment.

Permaculture Design

  • Complete design plans and full report for implementation, maintenance and establishment.

Design Implementation

  • Direction and implementation of physical work on the ground
  • Tree Maintenance, installation and removal
  • Hardscaping
  • Garden installation and maintenance

Community Guidance

  • Food Re-localization Planning
  • Transition Town Consultation

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Our ecological services include: 

Landscape Design - From observation to installation, we can produce ecosystem designs ranging from the size of a planter box to several acres

Garden Maintenance - Looking for some help with maintaining your established gardens, we can set up a one time clean up to get you back on track or schedule out a recurring visit to take care of everything for you

Ecological Consultation - Need advice on reducing your ecological impact. Need fresh ideas on approaching your material flow. We've worked with local businesses and home owners to divert waste and re-evaluate, and typically reduce, their daily energy demand.

Workshops - Periodically we partner with local businesses to host workshops. Not only is this a great way to learn tips and tricks but it builds your network of fellow gardeners building a larger skill sharing base

Community Guidance - Is your community group interested making an impact in their surrounding environment? We've worked with municipalities to implement change and garner support from other community share holders 

Eco-friendly Labor - Sometimes you just need a few extra hands on-deck for that project thats a little to large to tackle solo. Whether we are removing trees or snow, our methods always keep the environment as a top priority.