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No sun, No problem

Norristown Library presents
Hands-on Food Landscaping workshop series
sponsored by Feed the Burbs

February: Introduction to Permaculture and seed starting
How much time do you spend on your yard? How much money do you spend on your food? Permaculture design makes your yard look pretty, and saves you time and money. Find out how to let nature do the work for you, on any piece of land you have!
At this workshop, we'll cover the basics of permaculture design, and then hand out seeds to get you started with great tasting veggies!

March: Grow food in the shade
Who says you need a big open field with full sun to grow food?  During this workshop, we will take an existing native plant garden at the library, and add edible plants that grow in the shade of a tree or a house. Come find out how you can get delicious and nutritious greens, berries and mushrooms, before the farmers markets even start!

April: Soil Building and Bio-Intensive veggie production
The secret to high quality veggies is high quality soil. Rather than spraying fertilizers and chemicals to artificially improve soil, this workshop shows how to create healthy soil with less work and more benefits for the environment. We'll hand out a planting schedule that will maximize yields for your favorite crops, and show you how to prepare garden beds without a tiller!

May: Rain Gardens and Plant Guilds
Just like people, some plants get along well with each other and some don't. Learn how to grow the happiest plants by putting them in their favorite conditions. We'll talk about what makes a good plant team, or a "guild." Then, we will examine three locations at the library, each with different characteristics, and give examples of what to plant in each case.

Workshops cost $10, and are free for Norristown residents

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Fall workshops include:
-investment gardening
-no dig soil preparation
-seed saving
-gleaning and preserving=

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